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Friday, May 31, 2013

Essie Garnet nailpolish- super shiny!!!!

{Note to readers: This blog was getting somewhat cluttered so I moved the other Essie nailpolish reviews and Essie haul to the "Little Posts" section on the sidebar.  }

Wow! So it started off a a beautiful, not-too-hot-more-like-late-spring-than-summer day.  Even though red is my most avoided color, summer is just not the same without bright red nails, red watermelons, red popsicles, and red shirts with white polka dots, etc.... All of the above just spells "summer to me."  So, I pulled out my Essie Garnet nailpolish. Unused and brand new at the time.  Just a few words describe the reaction- "shiny", "super glossy", "wow!" (Sorry, the application was a little messy around the cuticle area of a couple of nails, but......) Essie is one of my all-time fave brands and the nailpolish formula is just always so smooth and light!!! It has been 3 days since I did my nails, and they're still nearly as shiny as they were in the pics above.  Essie Garnet is a must-have!