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YSL product review

Hey guys! Today, I'd like to share with you some of my fave top-end designer cosmetics.  Above are 3 swatches of the YSL lipsticks (Rouge Absolut, numbers 1,2, and 8? Will have to double-check if anyone really needs to know), lipliner, and YSL eyeshadow quad (Sienna) I use regularly. Now, if one were to remove the labels from MAC, NARS, Maybelline, Revlon and test their products...well, I at least would NOT know the difference. The only company that really stands out to me, no matter what it's labelled as, is YSL. However, because it's so expensive, I don't recommend high-schoolers or students buy it. (In their case, they ought to just look at the colors and buy the same shade in a cheaper brand) For adults who don't mind splurging on "luxury" brands, ...well, I only ever buy a few basic YSL products in classic colors that will be wearable on a daily basis. The kind fo colors that will not go out of style. It doesn't make sense to buy crazy colors in YSL (like, for example, their green mascara...or blue mascara) because you'd get limited use out of them and therefore, it would be a waste of money. I use the items shown above on this page because they are in such wearable, classic colors....they work with every outfit, makeup look/occasion. The Rouge Absolut lipsticks and lipliner actually have a satiny/silky texture when applied. Also, the gorgeous's just lovely! The lipsticks actually have a small mirror on the cap, too :) (Just a little perk I find convenient). Oh, and also- many of the YSL products (their mascara esp) are SCENTED!!!! The lipsticks, sadly, are not scented but oh well....If you can afford the Rouge Absolut lipsticks, then you're actually making a great investment because they last for at LEAST a year. I don't usually buy high-end designer items/shoes/clothes/bags/cosmetics BUT once in a while, in moderation, it's ok to splurge on a  quality product. Hope this was of help to someone, tc!