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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Parlez-Moi D'Amour John Galliano Fragrance Review

{ note to readers: this blog was feeling a bit cluttered so I'm moving the hauls, perfume reviews, and nailpolish reviews to the "Little Posts" section...the sidebar } here's a fragrance discovery and it's one I'm quite fond of (keep in mind Starlight is my fragrance love).  Parlez Moi D'Amour by John Galliano (created 2010 and named after the famous Edith Piaf song from way-back-when) is just so precious! I could go on and on about how the opening notes are blueberry, bergamot, and ginger, and the middle notes are jasmine and rose and the base notes are musk and patchouli and cypress...but that doesn't really "explain" a fragrance. I want to "explain" fragrances my way. Parlez Moi D'Amour is a romantic smell, and it smells just like beautiful scented stationary! PMDA smells like love letters we used to write in the 90's, before email took over! PMDA smells like Fall to semester of school, passing notes to friends, writing with scented markers, etc! It's lovely! Think ballerinas, floral chiffon, headbands with bows.....I feel this frag is for very young teens and tweens. Apparently, the face for the ad is Taylor Momsen, but I haven't seen the ad and don't want to.   PMDA just smells like beautiful days gone by! Also, the bottle and bottlecap is so elegant, as is the box,. It looks like an envelope with a postage stamp on it. It's so ...not vintage...but maybe retro??? The sillage and longevity of this frag are pretty good...a couple of spurts last for easily three hours...on me, anyways.  Also, for some reason, I feel this smells far better in the Fall or Spring than in summer.  When the mercury rises, this smell fades somehow. Basically, overall conclusion: PMDA is a BEAUTIFUL frag, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to someone over 35.