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Tutorial for 4u2 Gemtone Amethyste: Icy-Pink Summer Look

Hello! I'll show you step-by-step, with photos and words, how to recreate my "icy-pink eyeshadow look" using the 4U2 Gemtones Amethyste eyeshadow quad. The instructions will be underneath the pics. If you have any questions/advice/comments, pls do post. 
Step 1 (shown in pic above....the Amethyste Quad) pick up the darkest color using a flat eyeshadow brush.

step 2 : sweep the above "kidney"color onto and a little bit above, your eyelid crease. Start at the outer corner of your eye and work into inner corner. As shown in pics above.

Step 3: pick up the light skin-toned eyeshadow shown above

Step 4: using the skin-toned shimmery shadow shown in prev step, apply it on the inner one-third of your upper and lower shown in pics above....and don't forget to apply it to around your tear-duct area, either.  Jst sweep it along the upper one-third of eyelid, around inner corner, and along inner one-third of your lower lashline.

step 5: pick up the bright ice-cream pink shadow (shown above) from the quad

step 6: apply the ice-cream pink to the middle and outer 1/3rd of your eyelids. In the prev step we applied the shimmery skin-toned color to the inner 1/ this step you apply the pink to the REST of your other words, to the middle and outer areas of your eyelid. Shown in step above.

step 7: back to the dark, kidney colored eyeshadow we used along and above the eyelid crease in step 1. Refresh that line if you need to, and now drag it down to the base of your lashes so it forms a V- shape at the very outer corner of your eyes. (Shown in pics above)  Line your lower lashline with the same shade, from middle to outer end.  Blend the dark kidney eyeshadow if it's too over-powering. The entire look needs to be a wash of soft color. Careful not to blend the pink or skin-colored eyeshadows we used.

This pic above is how your eyeshadow ought to look about now.

Step 8&9: pick up the white (the lightest eyeshadow) from the quad and sweep it along your browbone (area underneath your eyebrow, from outer corner to inner corner) as highlight. Do esp intensify the highlight underneath the arch of your eyebrow.

step 10, 11, 12 shown above: Finish up by using a black eyepencil along your waterline, a fine line of black liquid liner along upper lashline, and mascara and voila, you have (pic below) completed my frosty, icy-pink summer eyes look!

Hope this tutorial made sense and below is a pic of all the cosmetics I used (including cheek and lip color) to complete this look: