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Merry Cranberry Review: The Body Shop!

Hi! Today, I'd like to talk about my fave range of skin-care items (Merry Cranberry) from my fave skin-care store (The Body Shop.) If you are looking for new skin-care products with gorgeous fragrance, amazing results, and reasonable price, then TBS (The Body Shop) is the place for you! I especially recommend the Merry Cranberry line. I've been using the entire range for several months now and it's just too fab! Here is what makes the Merry Cranberry Range so special: a)the gorgeous fragrance- it smells like warmth and glitter to me, b) The Merry Cranberry body butter struck me as "different" from the other body butters straight away- and it is! It's a SKIN-SOFTENER not just a body butter. This turns even the driest skin to silk! In fact, it's so heavily moisturizing, I may have to discontinue this 'till crisp Fall nights arrive, c) The Merry Cranberry lip-balm is also a LIP GLOSS! It is the most fab item in the range. The lip-balm is heavily scented with the same gorgeous fragrance and has a gorgeous cool-reddy/burgundy color and speck of GOLD GLITTER! When applied, it doubles as a beautifully scented lip-gloss/lip-stain AND a powerful lip-moisturizer and smoother, d) I find The Merry Cranberry exfoliating scrub better than all the other scrubs at TBS. Ir has just the right combination of "grit" and "skin-softener"...if that makes sense? Also, for some reason I find all The Merry Cranberry items last, somehow longer than the other ranges? Maybe they contain more product? Anyways, this is all a great deal, esp with TBS's reasonable prices. The only way this range could be improved is if TBS were to create a Merry Cranberry fragrance. Love you, Merry Cranberry!