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Essence Haul, Swatches, and Review

Hi all! Today I bought some Essence cosmetics , and they are fantastic! Amazing colors, pretty packaging, and tons of shimmer, all at dirt-cheap prices. You can't find better cosmetics in this price range. I bought : a) Midnight Date and City That Never Sleeps nailpolishes, b) Dazzling Beige (58) lipstick , c) 03 Irresistible First Love 3d eyeshadow, and d) 06 Irresistible Mermaid Kiss 3d eyeshdow.

I'll start with review and swatch of the Essence nailpolishes first. For starters, the container is a double-ended nailpolish holder. Midnight Date (a gorgeous, OTT elegant, shiny indigo blue) on one end and City That Never Sleeps (a  lovely, sheer lilac with shimmery teal flakes) on the other. 

 I don't know why Essence named the polishes as such. I think Midnight Date ought to be titled "Starry Night" or "Stormy Ocean" and City That Never Sleeps ought to be titled "Mermaidia" or "Ocean Gems." Midnight Dare appears sometimes a deep inky blue and sometimes has a teal shine to it. It's GORGEOUS! Especially for Fall, me thinks! City That Never Sleeps is soooo beautiful and light and refreshing. The beautiful teal flakes spell "mermaid" to me. On my index finger is Midnight Date, and on my ring finger is City That Never Sleeps layered over Mdinight dare.

Now the lipstick, Dazzling Beige 58: this is a pretty skin-colored lipstick. It's not a highly pigmented color; rather you get loads of shimmer. The texture is creamy, too, and it is packed in a simple tube. The container is supposedly the same the color as the lipstick inside; I found the actual lipstick color was slightly different from the container. Swatch below:
Essence has created a series of eyeshadow called Essence 3D eyeshadow. These are really love at first sight. SO SO pretty! The packing, the colors, the shimmer, wow!!!!! Below is Essence 06 irresistible Mermaid Kiss eyeshadow duo: 
Really, it's just too pretty for words.  every eyeshadow duo in this series is too pretty for words. The 3D packaging itself is lovely! The sea-green and turquoise swirls just make me think of an ocean. The shine factor is incredibly high. Also, this particular eyeshadow duo is highly pigmented and delivers a teal look. At least that darker crescent-shaped color does. Swatch: 

Below is 03 Irresistible First Love, a duo eyeshadow in pink and silver:
This particular duo is so breath-taking. Well, so was the previous one I just swatched. So were all the others in this series! These 3D crescent -and- wave shaped duos just  make me think of, like, alien landscapes...gorgeous! This particular duo delivers more shine than color. If that makes sense.  Also, in real life, the pink is not as prominently different from the silver. Swatch :

Well, that's it for this particular haul. I'm starting to really appreciate Essence cosmetics. They just somehow have an edge over the other drugstore brands.  Now let's see what kind of looks I can create given the above.

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