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IBD Gelac gel polish Haul....and fiasco!

...So I received a much awaited order I'd placed online internationally. It was an order for the Classic IBD Gelac colors collection: 
It cost me $80 USD, and I ordered it from a legitimate, licensed online beauty supply shop. I was so excited to receive my order. I was mildly annoyed they didn't send the Gelac polishes in the lovely packaging shown above. Instead, they sent it in some generic bag. That may have something to do with customs. The next thing I noticed is: the bottles look SO old; the labels are chipping and peeling off!!!! I was relived, though, that all the colors + Base Coat and Top Coat arrived.  Here are the gel polishes bottles, all lined up...see if you can spot how old the labels look: 

well, things went from bad to worse. I found one color was missing from the collection. Then I found FIVE out of the six colors are totally dried up and useless and even their brushes clumped.  As in: horrendous mess and waste. No idea how and why this happened. Here's a pic of the damaged colors: 
I'm not even talking about "damaged but useable." These are altogether damaged. The only colors that were ok are Plum Crazy (the bright fuschia pink which I'm not mad about) and the Top Coat and Base Coat. Also, I've noticed I can hear the ball bearings in Plum Crazy when I shake it, but not with the damaged colors. How this even happened, I don't know but it's a real shame. Especially from a legit, credible online beauty supply store. Well, such is life. just proves one has to be very cautious when ordering nail supplies from overseas. 


  1. Great review! Thanks for the headsup. Definitely won't be buying them. :) x

    1. The fault doesn't lie with IBD gel nail polish (it's great!) but you have to be careful when buying it online internationally. IBD nails, the company itself, does not sell the polish. You have to buy it from one of their distributors. So do buy IBD gel polish...but be careful who you buy it from!