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Friday, July 16, 2010

Colorful Nails!

Color is essential. Shimmer is essential. French manicures are elegant. So combine all three already!!!! My fave combo: turqoise tips with lime-green shimmery nails to complement my mermaid eye looks.  Also, I now do my nails at home. Nails are so simple to file and paint, and I find I can do them just fine at home, so why waste money at the salon? Tips for filing square-shaped nails: just file straight across, then hold your emery nail file (emery files are best...they're the flexible, bendable kind) at a straight vertical angle to your nails and file the sides straight up. File only in one direction as it helps prevent wear&tear. Tips for French manis: just practise. It's really easy. Don't obssess over any small errors you make. Often, we make errors stand out by attempting to fix them. No one will notice if your nail tip isn't perfectly straight or the color streaked a tiny bit. Also, several of my friends have pointed out they are unable to leave comments on my blogs. NO idea why that's so and I dunno what to do about it. Sorry I've been away so long but I'm wrapping up a "rooms-makeover" project and may post pics of it soon. Interior decoration is FUN!!!!


  1. love it! cant wait to try it out but how do you apply the blue on your nail tips so neatly?any tips on that? hope to see your room makeover post soon!!!:)

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    ty!!! My rooms are nearly done, just waiting for 1 final touch and voila! How do I apply the blue so neatly...honestly....just practise. (I do paint and sketch in my free helps) You know what you can try? I've seen nail-tip-sticker-guide-thingies. As in, with many Sally Hansen French Manicure packs, they give a set of nail stickers you apply just under the tip of your nail and then you use that as a guide. If you can't dint hose, then just a)hold your breath, b)draw the sraightest, quickest line you can, b)if you make a mistake, just go over it with a second coat to even it up and c)don't obssess. Often, we mess the nail tip up even more by trying too hard to cover up mistakes. Hope this helps and do keep looking out for my room makeovers. They'll be up soon! P.S- who are you? Just curious...

  3. gorgeous nails! so neat and nice.

  4. Nicely done!!!!! I appreciate:)