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Monday, May 17, 2010

4U2 Gemtone Amethyste: Icy-Pink Makeup Look for Summer

Well, I dunno abt other girls but in the peak of summer I don't like wearing a lot of diff eyeshadow colors or heavy black smoky eyes or much kajal. I pref a cooler, simpler, lighter look. So here's a frosty, icy pink look I created using the 4U2 Gemtones Amethyste eyeshadow quad (shown above.) Dunno where this brand is made but I LOVE the Gemtones eyeshadows! Unlike most shimmery shadows, these are both ultra-shimmery ANd ultra-pigmented and they just glide on beautifully!The lipliner, lipstick, and bubble-gum pink lipgloss I wore with this look is also shown a swatch on my arm....I'm adding the tutorial to this look now, so enjoy and please do leave feedback. Feedback is always so important! Thanks and tc!


  1. girrrl, dis is hot stuff. you da bomb.

  2. pretty pretty pretty!